The Sentinels of the Rain are the Pillars of the Rain-Dweller Tribe. We are Warriors of the Light dedicated to the energetic expansion of the universe, raising the roof for collective healing and growth as leaders, servants and soldiers. Need some support? Message us!



Father Resilience

Hey, I'm Chris. Resilience is my baby. I started this project back in 2017 when I was exiting the United States Army. I was struggling a lot with my mental health and felt I had no sense of direction.

When I reconnected with creating art, it helped me regain my purpose, as well as lead me on a path that would provide me with life-long relationships; better mental and physical health; and an array of holistic tools in my arsenal for mindfulness and self-care.

Resilience is my mental health advocacy project to help others to live a more fulfilled life through peer support, use of holistic tools and creating art.

I am a full time artist that works in multiple mediums:
I am a screen printer, film maker and an apprentice tattooer.
Some of my other interests are conscious cooking (and eating) and adventuring with my loving wife, Sarah.


The Shaman

Hello loves! I'm Sarah. Chris's wife, and a big part of the Resilience family for the last few years.

I'm a wedding & motherhood photographer, but so much of my passion comes from a greater purpose. I have a degree in psychology & have always been fascinated with the human mind, and what makes us, us. During my last semester of college, I was introduced to Shamanism & dove head first into it. Spirituality has been the foundation for everything I do. It helped me find tools to move me forward on my journey, connect with like-minded people, and cultivate an unwavering sense of purpose.

The work is usually pretty messy, and painful. But it's SO worth it. And this community is here to remind you that you're not alone in your struggles. That we've got each other, and have access to SO many helpful tools & resources.

We aren't meant to do this alone.

Just like everyone here on our team, and in our community - I am here to support you. Feel free to reach out at any time, ask me questions, seek guidance, anything. I'd love to see you at our next virtual check-in, or in person gathering. We've got you. 💛🙏


The Wizard

Heyy wassup, wassup!

My name is Victor & I am a mental health advocate, healthcare worker, nursing student, mindfulness & meditation coach, & a proud member and supporter of the resilience team.

When it comes to our mental health & overall wellbeing, many of us are not equipped with the tools needed to successfully and effectively get through the challenging or difficult circumstances life can throw our way. I know, because I experienced such challenges in my own life.

But after learning about ways to get my mind right again & then applying that knowledge & new found skillset onto my own mental health and life, something happened...Positive change happened.

In seeing all the amazing benefits & transformation I have gone through, like in the way I think, feel, & behave, I have found that using mindfulness & the having ability to be resilient, can help to create a difference. Because it created a difference for me. Its possible that it can happen for you too.

And while I can offer space to those who need it on my own, I find that through the collaborative power of what resilience and mindfulness can do together, it not only strengthens our abilities to create real & transformative change within ourselves & to a wide range of individuals who need it, but I have discovered that being apart of this team, allows for me to also build up on and experience a sense of community, unity, connection, & more ways for us to share tools to heal a worried or un-healed mind.

Together we are all stronger. Together we are all resilient. Together we can cultivate a mindful, joyful, empowered & peaceful life.

Let’s get itttttt. ❤️



The Oracle

Hi love! My name is Sara, but you can call me Sar.

I have been a member of Resilience since the end of 2019, right after awakening to how unhappy I was in my marriage and life.I come from a lineage of addiction. My birth parents were drug addicts and alcoholics who lost custody of me when I was 6 weeks old. I was raised as an only child by a single mother.

Growing up I always felt more sensitive and empathic than those around me and I expressed a positive outlook on life, while hiding the pain I experienced in my heart. I felt so alone in my experiences.It wasn't until I came across Resilience and started attending the monthly in person Gatherings that everything in my life shifted for the better.

I began to understand that I wasn't alone in experiencing my emotions so deeply.My journey is centered around healing my trauma, accepting myself and allowing my most abundant life to unfold.

And I feel so grateful I am able to continue along my journey being supported and upheld by this community.

I'm an Intuitive, and Adversity Healing & Abundance Practitioner. Gathering what I've learned so far and implementing it through energetics, emotions & embodiment.Thank you for your time & energy. I'm sending you so much love and I look forward to meeting you!


The Star Seed

Hiiii! My name is Tatianna, you can call me Tat for short! I am a free flowing being, yoga and meditation teacher, student of life, and member of the Resilience community.

I joined Resilience in Spring of 2021 & I am so excited to see the continued growth of the community.

Life is beautiful & I truly believe we are here to be experiencing all of the experiences. Throughout my journey I have crossed many bridges, taken leaps of faith, closed chapters, met some cool people, and also had to say some goodbyes. One of the biggest teachings I have experienced in life is that I don’t have to go through this journey alone.

More times than I can count, growing up I felt like I had to walk my path alone. It wasn’t until 2016, after many months of being ill I was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease, and I realized I needed support and to adjust my lifestyle.

I got myself into therapy and started to tap into spirituality and started a journey of healing and self discovery. Moving through the seasons of life has taught me that where I have awareness I have choice. And I can actively choose not to walk this path alone.There is power in healing with the collective.

Finding my tribe of people who call me forth & lift me up has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. Resilience offers a space to feel seen and hear, learn new tools, and connect with peers.

Lets keep growing & glowing ✨


The Warrior- Monk

Hi! My name is Michaelangelo. I’ve been dubbed the Warrior - Monk of the Resilience tribe and that title seems quite fitting.

I have a “No-Bullshit” approach to emotional navigation and I’m unafraid to call you out when needed. But after the initial emotional punch in the face, I’ve been told that I’m a very calming and caring presence. Everything in moderation.

Here’s the hill I’m willing to die on. Education for learning how to properly navigate emotion in a healthy way is almost nonexistent in our K-12 school system. This system is broken. In my opinion, Emotional Navigation should be held to the same standards as English and Mathematics in our schools.Because of the lack of Emotional Navigation education in our youth, men and women are growing up with increased “head knowledge” but decreased “heart knowledge.” Thus, the education is not complete. Something is missing. This out of balance approach to education has halted the much needed initiation from childhood to adulthood. Suicide rates are at an all time high. More and more children are growing up without a mother or father.

This is why I’ve decided to step into the ring. My goal is to bring back the much needed initiation in men and women. I challenge you to break apart the layers and layers of hardened stone that you’ve built to keep yourself protected from the world. I challenge you to dive headfirst into the darkness that you dare not explore. I challenge you to question everything you think you know about the universe. I challenge you in all these ways because I believe in passionate engagement and I believe there is ALWAYS something more to learn no matter how much you think you’ve got it figured out.

I’m just another member of the tribe. And I hope to meet you soon so I can see just what you have to offer to our village.Aho.


The Elf

Hey haiii my name is Sara, I am a high-energy mother and a teacher of dance + fitness, emotional regulation, spiritual connection, and religious duality- as well as a home educator and nanny!

I really love variety.My favorite part about the Resilience Community is the diversity of perspectives and goal of moving with love, authenticity, and inclusivity.

I was raised in a way where I had little control over my identity- I was homeschooled my entire education and any material that was not Christian/spiritually structured was pretty much off limits to me. I learned a great deal about the underlying energetics of our human experience, but because it was so rigid I met this experience with anger and deceit, and my mental health slowly declined. My love of dance gave me a beautiful outlet, and I soon started my own program. After high school I took over the studio where I had cultivated this love- I saw the power and potential of movement as a spiritual practice, and I started to shed layers of trauma and began reclaiming my sovereignty as I began to break free from the only community I had ever known.

This studio was the largest and most painful community layer to shed. When I became pregnant out of wedlock and chose to keep the baby, I faced great discrimination in the name of Christianity. Because the studio was on a Christian school campus, I was told I was no longer welcome. My family fully believed that this was just, and I watched the entire life I had worked for disintegrate- to be replaced with the lifestyle of my dreams in 2019.

When Chris and Sarah started Resilience, I saw that the foundation was built on shared intention instead of shared beliefs.This foundation is so spacious and has attracted some of the most loving individuals I have come across- I am so grateful to be a part of this community and for the steps they’ve taken for collective liberation.


The Herbologist

Hello soul fam!

My name is Hallie, I started my journey with Resilience May of 2021 and was immediately shown just how powerful & uplifting finding your community can be.

 I’m an esthetician & makeup artist by trade, a fierce whole body health advocate, and huge believer that plants are magic and are here to help bring us back home to the earth and to ourselves.

Plant medicine has been a part of this world since the beginning of time.

I believe there is a plant prescription to aid in any mental, emotional or physical ailment a human may experience since the earth has always provided everything we need. Whether that’s a tea, salve, tincture, smoke or even the healing power of nurturing a plant of your own.

Coming back to the earth & finding spirituality has been a integral part of my life’s journey while navigating childhood trauma, substance abuse and the everyday stresses of this reality and I truly value the opportunity to hold space and offer any knowledge I’ve gained to my fellow humans. We are not meant to navigate this life alone.

Finding the Resilience Community has given me the opportunity to support others as well as be supported, new healing tools, and a group of people that feel like home.

I’d be honored to support you in anyway I’m able, let’s raise our vibrations together ✨