Whatever You Are Not Changing, You Are Choosing


Our mental health is our responsibility. If We are struggling it means there is a change that is necessary and the universe is shaking things up because it is in divine timing for that change to occur.

Just like our physical health, we must train and care for our mental health frequent and routinely. To work on our physical health, We can go to the gym, eat healthy and get good sleep. These things can also help our mental health, but we can also spend time meditating and journaling to dive within ourselves and look at where we are and what we need and don’t need in the present time.

If we don’t do the work, nothing will change. We can’t avoid what scares us, and not show up for ourselves if we want progress. We have to stand tall against our fears and do what is hard in order to heal and grow.

Maybe until now, you have been avoiding the change. I know it is scary. Join us at one of our Gatherings or Virtual Check-Ins and let us hold your hand into the unknown. We can do this together. You are not alone.

Until next week,



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