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Good morning everyone! This week, being the first full week of the month, I set a few intentions for myself. By writing my intentions for the month, I am able to stay clear on my vision and create action steps to work towards those goals. When I have a clear plan, it makes accomplishing these tasks more manageable and gives me a better understanding of what I need to do as opposed to just thinking to myself “I really need a better nightly routine” or something similar.


My October Intentions:


  • Create a nightly routine and be more intentional about sticking to it.
    • After dinner, perform some self-care including a meditation, a tarot pull and some journaling
    • Have ONE HEALTHY snack and relax (watch a movie, play a video game)
    • Drink a relaxing blend hot tea
    • Read a book in bed for an hour or until sleepy


  • Continually remind myself to be more present in each task of the day.
    • When alerts for tasks pop on my phone, take a minute to breathe and think about my intentions for the next task, grounding myself in the present before I begin.


  • Find a space for GOTRD for November 2020 – March 2021.
    • Ask in groups for a lead today


  • Work more on the interior of the bus and get a quote for exterior paint.
    • Go to the local spot recommended to me to get a quote on Friday.
    • Schedule some time on with my cousin to work more on the interior.


When thinking of the intentions I wanted to have for this month, I looked introspectively at myself and things I want to make change in.


I haven’t been sleeping well and I have had a lot of insomnia for a while now, and yet I have not been strict on myself about sticking to a routine which will better my sleep and help me to wake up feeling energized for the day.


Also, I have been so busy that I find myself with feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, so taking more time to ground myself in each task and focus on only what is present will be key in relieving myself of these feelings and giving myself the space to show up fully in each thing I do.


Finding shelter from the cold for our monthly Gatherings needs to be a top priority for me, as November will come up fast, so I am reminding myself to make that important today and continually until a place has been found. If you know of an event space that is local to Central Connecticut that would be willing to work with me for our monthly Gatherings, please email me at, thanks!


I am excited to work more on the bus, and I set that as an intention because although external factors that I cannot control surround the work, I want to keep making an effort to get it done as soon as I can so that I can start putting it to use because it will be integral in creating financial abundance to benefit Resilience and my family.


These are my intentions for the month of October 2020. I hope you find some value in this breakdown and are able to utilize some of this practice for yourselves! What are some of your intentions for the month? I would love to hear in the comments below.


Until next week,


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