Rest To Recharge


This past weekend I spent some time away from my phone and work-related things and went to Salem, MA for a little anniversary get-away with my wife, Sarah. I had a really great time walking around, shopping, eating (too much lol) and spending quality time laughing and loving with her. I feel like I put so much into this work of mine that I have to intentionally remind myself to not think about it when I am trying to give myself some vacation time. It was nice to disconnect for a short period of time, and now I feel refreshed, inspired and ready to go this week!

I normally do all of the self-care and good mental health things for myself daily, which keeps me mostly resilient to overwhelm and burnout, but every once in a while I feel like a complete disconnect and change of pace is necessary so that I can just ‘be’ for an extended period of time. This weekend was an example of that. I was feeling like I needed that ‘disconnect to reconnect’ deeply in my bones.

It is okay to not grind 24/7. You can work hard and be productive, but if you push too hard for too long, you will burn out and you can lose your passion and inspiration. I am reminded of how a painter steps away and takes a look at the canvas from afar to get a good look of it as a whole after working so closely for a time. This is similar to stepping back from your work and stressors of daily life to rest and recharge.

You are capable and you are enough, and you deserve to stay inspired and stay up. Don’t let overwhelm burn you out. Take the breaks, take the time away. It is equally important as the work itself and it will show. I believe in you.

Until next week,




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