My Nightly Self-Care Practice


Hey all! I hope you’re having a good week so far. This week I wanted to tell you all about the self-care routine I have been keeping for myself nightly. After my workday, dinner and getting myself settled down and comfortable, I have been practicing meditation for just 10 minutes a night.

I throw on some meditation music on my phone and set a timer and practice stillness. I’m constantly moving and trying to get all the things done I need to do and I tend to be very wound up from all the productivity, so taking time to do nothing and think about nothing isn’t easy but it is something I am working at.

When a thought comes into my head during practice (which is constant) I acknowledge the thought and let it go, then bring my attention back to my breath. If the same thought comes up again, I make note that it keeps coming up and let it go and repeat the process.

After my meditation I feel much more grounded and able to tap into my intuition easier. I use this time to pull a card from my tarot deck. Tarot is a really useful tool that utilizes art to prompt the user to be introspective about however the card and its meaning resonates with their life.

Although I have appreciated tarot for a while now, I am new to bringing this into my nightly practice and learning more. I use a handbook that describes each card and gives some prompt questions regarding it. I use these questions to journal and spend about 5-10 minutes writing how the card I pulled resonates with me.

Journaling is really helpful to my personal mental wellness practice. It allows me to put down on paper what would otherwise be short, jumbled thoughts and really analyze myself and my current state of mind to better come up with an action plan on how to navigate improvement in my life.

These are just a few practices I have integrated into my life nightly to better myself and sustain my productivity and mental health. Maybe they can be tools you can utilize too? Do you do something different for your self-care practice? I would love to hear about it in the comments.

Until next week,



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  • Meant have a great evening Lol And your artwork on this shirt is very awesome!

    Lynne A Caruso-Barron on
  • Chris that is a very awesome self care practice I’ve been doing listening to nature music and trying to get in touch with my spirit Animal! So far I’ve been seeing Deer and need to read what all this means and Turtles! Jane a great evening! Love and light!

    Lynne A Caruso-Barron on
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