Insomnia + Meditation

Hey all,

I haven’t written a blog in sometime but I am going to hold myself accountable to writing one of these weekly or posting submissions from other Rain-Dwellers.

I’ve had a lot of insomnia the last week or so. This is probably because I’ve been working a lot with the bus acquisition, the new summer collection, adding new support channels, planning gatherings and expanding awareness of our mission.

Being busy is great, and it feels really rewarding to be productive. But it is important to find a balance. Too much go go go will always end in burning out if you don’t take time to slow down and be mindful of your mental health. Taking time to just be is refreshing and will keep you in a positive mindset all day or help bring you out of a bad one.

Meditation is a really useful tool I utilize to do this. When people think meditation, they think this whole big spiritual practice with sage burning, crystals, a Buddha statue and being perfectly in-tune with the universe. But you don’t need any of that to use this type of practice daily.

Setting your smart phone to remind you to be still and breathe for a couple minutes, a few times a day will refresh your mind and increase feelings of self-love and worthiness.

Take the time you set aside to close your eyes or lower your gaze and let thoughts come to you but not linger. Doing this regularly will make it easier to have less wandering thoughts and when intrusive thoughts  do come up, you can gently let yourself know to acknowledge it later and continue rest. Pay attention to your breathing with slow and big inhales and exhales.

This practice can literally be done anywhere. If you’re on break from work, or in your car in-between classes, waiting in line at the grocery store. Just give yourself permission to be present with yourself and let go of the rest of the day’s obligations, if only for a couple minutes at a time.

As for my insomnia, I am trying to be more consistent about my nightly routine and give myself more time to wind down without work before bed time. Snuggling in a blanket, drinking sleepy-time tea, starting some relaxing scents and putting on white noise are all good ways to let all my senses know it is time to relax. I will let you know next week how this process goes for me!

Tonight (FrIday 7/17) at 7pm est I am releasing a 24 HOUR ONLY preorder of my new summer collection. 6 new graphic tees I illustrated and printed will be available. Each one will be shipped with new stickers, a button and a 10-page mental health coloring workbook I created.

If you resonate with my mission and want to support Resilience, this is the best way.

The clothing will be available tonight at 7pm est and be available in my online shop for only 24 hours. I will not reprint any of this exclusive merch.

I want to feature more user submissions so if you have a mental health blog or want to write something up to submit, email with a 500 word write-up on what you do to keep your mind healthy.

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