Face Your Demons


Life isn’t always a warm, leisurely stroll down a smooth paved road. Sometimes we have to travel on a path that is dark and rocky with jagged edges pricking our feet and the destination foggy and unclear.

If we just pretend the difficult road is the easy road we will continue taking wrong turns and ending up at the mouth of that same rough trail again and again. Why are we going in circles? It’s because we are avoiding what we fear. We have to take that scary road into the unknown to really heal and get to our next camp site, until we are ready to move on again.

There is no destination, but a beautiful journey of this human experience and we continue to evolve and transcend the old versions of us. This transcendence is never smooth because it isn’t meant to be; like a snake hitting its head on a rock over and over until it makes a slight crack in its rough exterior that it can use to rip through and shed its old skin into a new version of itself.

We mustn’t bypass the what we fear, but instead face our demons with vulnerability and courage. We can open ourselves to new perspectives and utilize tools we otherwise never considered or turned away previously thinking they wouldn’t work for us. If resistance isn’t serving us, then perhaps it is time to surrender. Surrender your disbeliefs and preconceived perspectives of how we should act or be and that is where the magic will happen.

It isn’t easy, but surrender is a sure-fire way to tap into your true power. I believe in you, and I support you fully. This community has got your back, without judgement, to hold space for you as you continue through this messy human experience. You have got this, those demons don’t stand a chance against your true form.

Until next week,





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