Downloading Updates For A Personal Core Value

Good morning Rain-Dwellers!

I’ve been practicing being more present in my morning routine by really tapping into why I do it and making it fun because for a while I felt like I was going through a checklist of things that are supposed to make me feel better throughout the day but that disconnected feeling defeated the purpose.

So just being in the here and now and having fun with my practices has allowed me to cultivate this alignment and happiness this week that has made everything I do in the productive realm feel more satisfying and accomplished.

I’ve been getting into skateboarding recently and I’ve made so many mindset shifts from relating to physical challenges to mental obstacles because that’s all they truly are.

And this shift has made me feel more confidence and I have been making growth towards the core value of mine:

I am a confident person and I when I show up as this version of myself I feel aligned in my purpose and what I put out into the universe feels important and authentic.

I am excited and inspired to continue these practices, both new and old, and how they will unfold for me when practiced in this new particular order and fashion.

What are some of your core values? Do you feel as though you are living fully in them? Why? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

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