Ilanna Minck, A Strong Tree

Hello Community and friends alike,

My name is Ilanna Minck, my name means “strong tree”. I’ll explain more of that later. I am a 27 year old Artist and a team member of Resilience making me a Mental Health advocate. Growing up I was in and out of therapy even in elementary school. For as long as I can remember, I have always felt ‘different’ like an outsider. Although I was outcasted and bullied growing up I was always resilient. I viewed my differences as unique gifts and embraced my individuality/weirdness. Which really only brought more attention onto me. In my adolescence I never really fit in anywhere, jumping from friend group to friend group and doing all sorts of different activities. It took me a long time to really find my nitch, at 27 I am still finding it. I never felt like a “true artist” that’s why I am dedicated to become art and embody what artistry means to me. I believe it's beautiful that we can change and adapt to our surroundings as we grow. A shapeshifter or chameleon I call myself.

Childhood for me was rough, not fitting in and getting bullied/harassed at school. Lead my emotions to become rocky. I experienced strong anger. I am a very empathic and sensitive person, so I deeply felt everything I went through. Mostly I felt very alone, like no one would ever understand me. But I sought solace in animals, music, and dance. Things I still enjoy and have helped me to heal. At age 16 my father passed away. Which led my negativity to consume me. At that age you could find me wearing a Korn band tee with super dark eye makeup and headphones blasting/pretty much permanently glued to my ears. I didn’t listen to anyone. I was in a resistant phase, which I know now was needed. After realizing that the cookie cutter life did not fit my expansive mold and experiencing extreme differences with my upbringing. I decided to leave my house at 19 years young. A ripe little peach getting gobbled up by the world. I’ve always felt super independent and have been on my own since. Which brought on a slew of codependent relationships and really big messy emotions.

I still went on even though I didn’t feel included as much or like others. Of course I did the normal things to try to attempt to relate and fit in with my peers, but still I was me and everyone could tell I was just different. In 2015 my life crumbled and after seeking help I joined DBT therapy* (Dialectical behavior therapy). I got diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety and also an Adjustment Disorder. I enjoyed the group setting of therapy and really for the first time learned that I wasn’t alone. That other people felt as deeply as I do even if we experienced slightly different things. I discovered that pain is a bridge that connects us. Moving on through my journey, I was still in and out of therapy for a while and faced countless of life’s challenges. I made many friends, some lasted and some didn’t. But I started to build my own little support system. Which felt powerful. I was overcoming a lot. Sleighing my demons day by day. Falling down and getting back up again. Dealing with depression and anxiety and doing my best to keep on living. For a while I got lost in others, caring for them too much and I really forgot who I was. Who I am, a warrior. A Strong Tree.

In October of 2020 after hitting another low point. Really low. The times where I felt alone, like nobody understands me. Those feelings came back to haunt me. I luckily found Resilience through a friend who knew how bad I was struggling. I didn’t know anyone in Resilience at the

time. So I drove to an outdoor gathering in Portland, Ct which is kinda far from my house. I showed up all alone and cried, shared my story of what was weighing heavy on my heart that day in front of strangers. Afterwards we had snacks and time to talk and I was greeted with so much warmth and so many people coming up and thanking me for my share and for being brave. That day I started with what felt like barely anyone at the time and I left there gaining a bunch of new friends. I even joined in on a photoshoot that day impromptuly. From there I was and have been drowned in love by those people. My people. My tribe. I had called them in and finally the Universe answered my call.

I have always been a spiritual person, from the jump. Throughout the years battling my mental health spirituality and my beliefs is always something that’s assisted me on this journey to Earth. Kept me grounded and gave me ways to express my inner knowing. Since finding Resilience my self-care and motivation to prevail has lit on fire. Resilience was my match. Although I was doing most of these things before, leaning on my amazing friends and support system, writing poetry and actually sharing it with others, diving into witchcraft, joining a coven, and being dedicated to self growth, seeking therapy regularly and other self-help options. It wasn’t until I met a group of people who see me as authentically me. That I was able to remember my self-worth and step into my true power. I am worthy. I am love and I am light.

Since the start of 2021 the New Age of Aquarius I have been fully dedicated to Spirit, another term being my Higher Self. Showing up even more as my authentic self, taking up so much space, expressing my artistry, and truly opening up to others; letting them see me and letting myself be inspired by them. Even claiming such titles like poet, artist, photographer, model, light worker, starseed, wayshower, ect has helped me to stand in my true power and know, fully that I am here to help change the world. That is exactly why I was always made to feel different. Simply because, I am different. I am a Strong Tree providing shade for others or a place to rest, away from the storm. I guess kind of like the giving tree, but with boundaries. Leaning into these good feelings and surrendering to change has turned my painful story of healing into a triumphant novel.

With the motivation of my peers and friends of Resilience I have started an art page @theartshaman where I will dabble in art healing techniques to help myself and others express emotions through art. I am excited to announce that I’ll be hosting workshops in the Spring. It’s only a couple months into 2021 (as I write this) and I have completed two courses to invest in my healing and conquer my world. A world that I will always and forever share with others. I am now stepping into my path slowly and steadily as a Light Worker. Not only that but I am multidimensional and I believe we all are. I dabble in different medias to express my mood for that day. @suddenlyabandoned_ is where you will find my poetry, photography, and Urbex* explores. On my main page @_urdead2me I will be sharing my journey deeper and messages I receive from the Divine as I step into the being I am truly meant to be, a Wayshower and a Lightworker. I am also moderating some talks about Truly Becoming on ClubHouse with two other Resilience Team members Victor Padilla and Sara Putney. I don’t know where exactly the Universe will guide me. This all feels surreal because for the first time in 27 years around the

sun I have goals and dreams that aren’t being crushed like a soda can and I have people by my side who see my true nature and my power and honor me as I am.

My last messages for you all reading this. I am glad you are here. You are a Strong Tree just like me. Your leaves may fall off and blow away in the wind. Some birds may visit you annually and sit with you keeping you company and others birds will leave never to return again. You may feel sadness at times. You will experience joy and all other emotions. But us trees are interconnected, we speak to each other through those roots. It comes naturally, just stretch out those branches of yours. We have access into the deep deep dirt, the core of the Earth plane. We also have access to the sky, the clouds, and the air swirling around with beauty and light. With knowledge, the wind whispers to us. We share that inner knowing. Together, is all we have. Community is vital. We can make a safe house for others with just a smile or a hug. We have the power to change the world. You harness that true unique power of being you. By you being here, reading this, healing are accessing the Divine within you and spreading light into the Earth. I love you. A-ho.

Defined terms

*Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Its main goals are to teach people how to live in the moment, develop healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate their emotions, and improve their relationships with others

*Urbex; Urban Exploraration